List of OCD Fears

This is, by no means, complete. But just for fun, I’m going to type up a list of some OCD fears I have, or have had at some point in the past. A couple of these are fears that got left behind in my childhood; but I include them for the purpose of giving examples of fears that people might not expect.

  • Eating popsicles, corn dogs, or anything on a wooden stick (fear of eating splinters)
  • Accidentally eating/dropping and losing staples from catalogues, magazines, etc.
  • Accidentally eating/touching battery acid; even on fresh, clean batteries
  • Accidentally eating pesticides, or other poison; feel contamined just by looking at them
  • Accidentally picking up a pair of scissors and stabbing myself every time I look at them (non-suicidal; afraid because I don’t want to do it)

As you can see, none of these have to do directly with keeping things clean or neat, but specific contaminants/hazards.

3 thoughts on “List of OCD Fears

  1. ocdfighter1 says:

    I have a fear of accidentally ingesting chemical products (like household cleaning ones) and get the urge to rinse my lips with water every time I get an intrusive thought that a drop of product went on them. I may even get the urge to wash my hands.

  2. willitbeok says:

    I identify with this a lot! I used to have an embarrassing “spitting” compulsion where I felt the need to spit every time I looked at/got near a chemical like that, because I felt my mouth was contaminated. My mouth used to get really dried out from doing that. I think I’ve done mouth rinsing or wiping sometimes, too.

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