Coprolalia Percentage

OK, so it seems the numbers I read vary a lot. Some studies tell me that less than 10% of people with Tourette’s Syndrome are affected by involuntary/semi-voluntary swearing. Others say less than 15%, and at least one now has said less than 40%. So which is it? I don’t know. I’ll dive into further researching this later, BUT for the time being it at least seems safe to say that significantly less than half of people with TS do this.

The same study which told me it was less than 40%, also seemed to indicate a higher correlation between ADHD and TS, than OCD and TS. Hmm. That seems kinda off to me. I do know that ADHD is often comorbid with TS, but I thought OCD was a much more prevalent comorbidity. Maybe I was misled, and they’re closer to equal; or maybe there are different “kinds” of TS, one being related to ADHD and the other to OCD. I’ve never considered myself to have any symptoms of ADHD/ADD, or much trouble keeping focused apart from the distraction of my tics/obsessive thoughts. I’d be interested in hearing from more people who do have experience with ADHD, though, as it would be helpful to hear their stories.

For now — anywhere from 9.9 – 39.9% of people reading this post could possibly, one day, find it mildly interesting. O.o

2 thoughts on “Coprolalia Percentage

  1. girlunedited says:

    This is interesting! My grandpa has Tourette’s Syndrome and because of it he swears involuntarily. I never knew there was a possible correlation between TS and ADHD and OCD, but come to think of it, that would make some sense although my grandpa does not seem to have anything more than TS.

    • willitbeok says:

      Apparently whether a person has TS or OCD, there is an equal percentage likelihood of having relatives with OCD — which indicates a strong correlation between the two disorders. Personally, I do have some vocal tics, but none that involve uttering words. I have a lot of OCD-type THOUGHTS about doing socially inappropriate things, but it doesn’t get to the point of a physical urge to say something.

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