“The Spectrum”

Usually when people talk about “the spectrum”, what they mean is “the autism spectrum” — but that’s not the only spectrum there is.

There is an obsessive-compulsive spectrum, a tic spectrum, a schizophrenia spectrum, and probably others I don’t know about yet. The interesting thing is that sometimes, even though these are separate spectrums, at times they seem to overlap.

For example; the “magical thinking” part of OCD resembles the “something special is meant for me” feeling characteristic of schizophrenia. It is often difficult to differentiate between tics and compulsions, thus blurring the OCD/tic spectrum. And, as far as autism, many people with OCD, tics, or schizophrenia feel a hint of the social difficulties and withdrawal that autistics have. Autistics also engage in repetitive/arranging behaviors, but for different motivational reasons than those with OC disorders.

I believe most psychological disorders (and maybe even some developmental ones) are an exaggeration of what is, in moderation, a normal and beneficial trait. So, perhaps it’s not so surprising that in way, they may all be connected.

3 thoughts on ““The Spectrum”

  1. JaguarJill says:

    When I was young before I knew I had OCD, I remember thinking I was possessed .When I look back, I had so many paranoid schizophrenic characteristics.

  2. willitbeok says:

    That’s interesting!

    When I was little, I had a “noise” I would hear sometimes; a crinkling noise. I quickly realized it was not an actual noise but the memory of a noise I’d heard before sometime, so I wouldn’t call it a hallucination — but it kept replaying over and over in my mind, in response to certain cues (usually another type of noise.) Looking back on it it’s easy to see it might have been an OCD thing; especially considering that Nikola Tesla had a lot of OCD symptoms and had a similar experience with memories of visions which occurred to him over and over.

    Certainly, OCD can also look like paranoia!

  3. Matt Marinello says:

    Oh I vaguely remember I study finding a bunch of genes that link many different disorders together. It was a long time ago like 2012 I think when I read it.

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