Tourette’s and Emotionality

“Tourette’s has a lot of emotionality tied to it. Often families come in and they’ll have a child with fairly debilitating motor tics, maybe some vocal tics that are causing problems at school, social impairment, maybe even some functional impairments or discomfort. And at the end of the appointment I diagnose their child with a transient tic disorder and they almost wipe the sweat off their brow they’re so happy that, ‘Oh my goodness, Doctor, I thought I was gonna get a diagnosis of Tourette’s Disorder here.’ So, tic disorders can be very severe, but not necessarily TS. On the other hand, I can have children come in who have multiple motor tics plus one vocal tic for more than a year, meeting diagnostic criteria for TS, and be very mild, and so at the end of those appointments I’ll circle something on the diagnosis sheet about TS and the family leaves very distraught at that.”

(From this PediatricNeurologist video on YouTube)

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