Tourette’s Brains = Greater Motor Control?

This article is from 2011, and there’s only one journal reference listed — so I don’t know how substantive it is. But if it is substantive, it holds promise for those with Tourette’s.

According to the page,

“The motor outputs of children with Tourette syndrome are under greater cognitive control,” said Stephen Jackson of The University of Nottingham. “You might view this as their being less likely to respond without thinking, or as being less reflexive.”

Well, that certainly fits me to a tee! I’m constantly second-guessing and double-checking myself. I over-think even the smallest decisions. A few months back I attended an improvisational comedy class, and that was extremely difficult for me. It was almost traumatic how I was expected to be so impulsive — and until I did it, I had no idea how difficult that is for me.

Also according to the page,

According to evidence reported online on March 24 in “Current Biology”, a Cell Press publication, that enhanced control arises from structural and functional changes in the brain that likely come about from the need to constantly suppress tics.

Again, not sure how substantive this is (as I’m not with a lot of things I read), but it’s an interesting idea. I do feel that, with my breathing tic, it’s a very complex system of motor control. First, I feel an uncomfortable feeling, and an urge to gasp. Then, I feel certain “windows of opportunity” come and go; moments when I know I can gasp and if I do it just right, at just the perfect time, the feeling will go away. But if I miss, it has to start over to an extent, almost like a game — only a game that I don’t want to play, and would rather stop. But being forced to play it may have improved my motor control in some ways. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?


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