You Might Have OCD If

Because it’s not good to bully people with OCD, but it is good to have a sense of humor about ourselves.

(This is a joke, not intended to actually suggest whether anyone has OCD — although there is probably a little truth in some of these.)

You might have OCD if…

  • You obsess over whether or not you have OCD.
  • That image of misaligned pencils going around on the internet with the caption “Does this bother you?” does NOT bother you, but might bother you if they were pencils in real life.
  • You worry that because that image of misaligned pencils doesn’t bother you, you might not have OCD.
  • You believe you don’t have OCD because you don’t have every single symptom.
  • You believe you don’t have OCD because although you have all the symptoms, you don’t feel that they interfere with your life (even though they do.)
  • You believe you don’t have OCD because your house is a mess and everything you own is cluttered and disorganized, BUT you count everything, do everything in 2’s or 4’s, and either refuse to step on cracks or ONLY step on lines.
  • You are right now thinking to yourself: “You might have OCD if” and tapping your foot along with the syllables. You’ve noticed that this statement has 7 syllables, and because that is an odd number, you repeat it in 2’s or 4’s until it feels even. You’ve also counted several times to make sure it really is 7 syllables. What if it’s not? Better count with the fingers on both hands just to make sure. Better do that twice.

4 thoughts on “You Might Have OCD If

  1. slackergames says:

    So true. I honestly don’t know if I have OCD or not. I can’t KNOW, and I know, because I can’t KNOW that I have it. Yet I don’t know if I have it. Wow I thought I was the only confused one.

    • willitbeok says:

      Hahaha yes! I’ve had thoughts like this, too. Just last night I had a fight with my husband because he told me our son would be OK and I was upset and felt lied to because he didn’t say “He’s PROBABLY okay” because I felt that was the only truly honest answer. πŸ˜‰

  2. girlunedited says:

    This is great. I could add a few but they probably wouldn’t be funny lol πŸ™‚

  3. WOW this is so amazing! I mean, I knew I had OCD, but this is dead on! πŸ™‚

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