Tic List

This is a list of my current tics. I’m sure I’ve forgotten and left one or two out, so I’m not going to strive for completeness right now; these are just the ones I can think of. Certain tics only affect me while doing certain activities (i.e., the computer mouse one is one I obviously would only do while on the computer.)

  • Forcefully gasping, yawning, or sighing (yes, it’s difficult to forcefully yawn) while tensing shoulders, arms, and hands. Usually must be standing/sitting still.
  • Teeth tapping/grinding (I catch myself doing this without even realizing it.)
  • Rubbing the side of my computer mouse.
  • Pressing my fingers really hard against something (examples: my own hand or fingernails, nearby table, pages of book while reading, steering wheel while driving.)
  • Throat-clearing/sniffing/snorting (this has gotten a lot better in recent years.)
  • Facial grimacing.
  • Head turning back and forth (as if indicating “No,” but kind of wobbly.) Or: “Wobbly no” head motion
  • Hard blinking/blinking and then opening eyes as wide as possible. Sometimes the latter is accompanied by an eye-roll, but this seems accidental.

I’d also like to post a link to this list I found of some potentially unusual tics that may go unrecognized. Actually, the page is much more than that, including an extensive article on Tourette’s in general, and related disorders. The article is entitled: “Unrecognized Symptomology of the Tourette Syndrome Gene in the General Population.” Plenty of references at the end, too.

And now… I think there may be a wasp in the room with me, so excuse me while I go freak out. 😦


One thought on “Tic List

  1. thehowlingfantogs says:

    I have most of these tics too. I guess in a selfish way it’s good to know I’m not he only one. Keep blogging.

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