The Tics You See, The Tics You Don’t

OK, so this video is a bit long and drawn-out — but it makes a good point. And props to a real person with Tourette’s debunking “The Tourette’s Guy” because “The Tourette’s Guy” on YouTube is just some guy who likes to be mean, apparently.

(Not only that, but he hates Rick Moranis? And calls Moranis “four-eyes” even though he, himself, wears glasses? Beware, there’s a lot of swearing in this video. Apparently, falsely claiming you have TS is a good excuse to swear all the time? No. NO.

Not only THAT, but in My Blue Heaven, Moranis’ character Barney Coopersmith seems to do everything systematically, including eating pancakes. Anyone who knows anything about TS and feels they have it would not lash out at someone who played the character of a person who exhibits what are possibly but not definitely symptoms of OCD or OCPD. Then again, anyone who’s not completely obsessed with Moranis probably didn’t think about any of this… at all.)

I could rant about this all day. At least with OCD, yes, there are stereotypes which are unfair, but at least those stereotypes are somewhat common. People with OCD are genuinely frequently concerned with such things as contamination, germs, cleanliness, and orderliness — though the disorder is not limited to this. But with TS, something that affects a very small percentage of people with the disorder (coprolalia) has come to represent the nature of the disorder itself to the general public? How did that even happen?

Anyway, this video illustrates that a person with TS can often hide their tics or suppress them to some extent. This can give the illusion that they’re just fine, when in fact, a huge inner struggle is going on. Imagine needing to sneeze all day and trying not to, because no one else in your world sneezes and everyone thinks it’s weird — and then you’ll have some idea of what people with TS go through every day.

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