The Graves of Pandas

So I’m up late, reading about random things, and I find these studies. They’re interesting because my mom had symptoms of classic OCD, and also suffered from the autoimmune hyperthyroidism called Graves’ disease. She was being treated for Graves’ with radioactive iodine while pregnant with me, because she didn’t know she was pregnant. So far my thyroid levels have never been off, and the doctor checked them pretty religiously when I was a kid. I haven’t kept up with it as much as I should, probably, but I know they were checked well during both of my recent pregnancies. — “OCD and the study of thyroid function”,+OCD+linked+to+moms%27+autoimmune+disease.-a0262583935 — “Children’s tics, OCD linked to moms’ autoimmune disease”

I don’t think I have thyroid problems right now, but the potential link between OCD and tics to autoimmune disease in general is interesting — but not surprising when one considers those fluffy, lovable PANDAS.

2 thoughts on “The Graves of Pandas

  1. Thanks for all your research…….this is very interesting. Of course I’m familiar with PANDAS but never knew of the possible link between OCD and mom’s autoimmune disorders..

    • willitbeok says:

      Glad you found it interesting. I don’t think there’s a lot of evidence out there yet to support a solid link between mother’s autoimmune disorder and child’s future OCD or tics — but at least it’s something that’s being researched.

      It actually makes PANDAS make a whole lot more sense, though, if this is true. Maybe one day in the future we will find there is a link not just with strep, but other infections, and autoimmune disorders in general. I had a low platelet count as a teenager which was autoimmune in nature.

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