Don’t Hate Me Because I Look Crazy


This could also be titled… “I haven’t posted enough about Adam Lanza yet.”

The above image was going around the internet a while back, and I don’t know who made it. I would like to know so I can slap them. My rant about this is long overdue. Way, way overdue.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about guns; it’s wrong to judge anyone based on how they look. Some crazy people look crazy, yes. But some serial killers (like Ted Bundy and H.H. Holmes [no relation to the retail appliance store, hhgregg… well, hopefully no relation… also no relation to writer Anthony Boucher who used the pen name “H.H. Holmes,” appearing as an endorsement on the back of my John Collier book of short stories, leading my husband to jokingly remark that I only read books approved by serial killers :\]) … anyway some serial killers were known for being handsome and charismatic, allowing them more leeway to get away with their crimes. They were able to manipulate people because they were actually pretty likeable and didn’t look, you know, totally insane and weird.

As I posted previously, my mom had Graves’ disease, which causes (in some cases) bulging eyes. There are also other things to cause bulging eyes (though less common), so there’s currently no telling if Lanza had Graves’. Certainly, I would not be surprised if, after years of having undiagnosed Graves’, a person started to do some crazy stuff. Thyroid storms can cause a racing heart, a feeling of nervousness and being hyper, severe sweating and dehydration, among other things. I can see how maybe theoretically a person with autism could perhaps not be as aware of something being wrong or not good at communicating that to others. And the eye bulging usually happens gradually, so family members tend not to notice it. But this is all just speculation. Way, way up in the clouds, crazy speculation. But not as crazy as killing people.

Anyway, my mom’s eyes had a weird stare, as long as I knew her — and she didn’t kill anyone. Really. I promise.

It’s not good to judge people — but if we’re going to, let’s judge them for things they’ve done, or said — not for how they look.


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