OCD and Autoimmune Disorders Poll

I made a poll! I did it! I finally had an idea for a poll and then I made it! If you take my poll then I might be your friend forever. (Hint: Please take my poll.)

Also, please assume — FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS POLL ONLY, of course — that OCD and OCPD are the same thing. Because I forgot to incorporate that into my answer choices. I know, I’m sorry. :\ There’s also a place for you to write in a custom answer, if that really angers you. And I would totally understand.

For the record — I have OCD, a tic disorder, a family history of autoimmune problems, and I have had autoimmune disorders in the past (but hopefully don’t currently.)

3 thoughts on “OCD and Autoimmune Disorders Poll

  1. ocdfighter1 says:

    I voted “Other” because I just had (or have? Not sure about which tense to use because OCD tends to be chronic and is “just” treatable) OCD. No cases of autoimmune disorders in my family.

    • willitbeok says:

      I think OCD is usually kind of a “You’ll always have this” type of thing, but I could certainly be wrong.

      • ocdfighter1 says:

        My therapist once or twice told me “You’ll always have to keep it under control, but it won’t be the same as it used to be.”

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