OCD Chicken or Egg

Is the person with OCD more aware of uncertainty than others — meaning that if everyone had the realization that people with OCD have that uncertainty is everywhere in life, even where we least want it, that everyone would also have OCD?

Or is the person with OCD simply more bothered by uncertainty than others — meaning that everyone is pretty much aware of uncertainty abounding, but doesn’t let it bother them?

I ask because a lot of times people try to reassure me with “Oh, I’m sure that bad thing won’t happen” as if they really are sure, when I know they’re not. Obviously, I want this reassurance, but it never works because I know the person doesn’t know. So do people without OCD simply not know about uncertainty? Or do we have no way of knowing whether a person has OCD until they first definitely achieve awareness of uncertainty in even the worst cases?

Please smack me with a being-obsessive-about-my-OCD-blog sticker, right on my forehead.

Also, my tags are horribly disorganized. I know this. I totally know this.

2 thoughts on “OCD Chicken or Egg

  1. As a person without OCD, I can tell you I am very aware of the uncertainty of life. I think the difference is I can put this awareness aside most of the time. I think people with OCD do this as well, as they are usually only obsessed about certain things. For example, my son wouldn’t drive at one point, because how could he know for certain he wouldn’t hit anyone? But he never had obsessions with germs, as in “how do I know I won’t contaminate somebody?” It was just certain things that his OCD latched onto…….
    That being said, I’m sure (I think :)) that there are people out there who are sure nothing bad will ever happen to them. Of course, that’s only because they don’t know any better….

    • willitbeok says:

      Thanks for your comment, Janet. 🙂 I think this helps me understand a little better. The true nature of OCD must be that of being excessively bothered by uncertainty, not just noticing it; yet, I do think that people with OCD seem to have a heightened awareness of uncertainty, but maybe this is just a consequence of the former.

      I just wonder about those people who, as you mentioned, seem to be sure nothing bad will ever happen to them. Are they just saying that to reassure others/themselves? Or do they really think it? If they really began to examine the uncertainty, would they find they had OCD? Of course, it’s a pointless question in a way, but I still wonder.

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