TSA Month

Tourette's Syndrome Awareness: May 15 - June 15

What makes you tic?

For those of you who don’t know, it’s Tourette’s syndrome awareness month. For some reason it starts in the middle of May (I think it started yesterday) instead of at the beginning.

Normally I don’t get into things like this, but since teal is my favorite color, was my mom’s favorite color, and also happens to be “the” color for TSA, I thought I might get teal ribbons on my nails for TSA month. However:

1) Getting your nails done is expensive.


2) Doing your own nails is time-consuming and not easy with two toddlers running circles around you.

I’m thinking I might do it myself, but I wanted something that looks like a French manicure first, and I have no idea how to get started doing that. I’m scared to death I’ll be halfway in the middle of gluing the nails on the first hand when one of the kids knocks over a cup of water or falls face-first into a plate of spaghetti (a plate of spaghetti will no doubt spontaneously appear in situations like this). Also my experience is that doing my nails myself the paint chips away a LOT more quickly than it used to before I had kids (because I’m changing diapers and washing my hands many times a day). There’s also:

3) This will probably accomplish very little in spreading Tourette’s awareness, unless people ASK about the teal ribbons on my nails or I walk around TELLING everyone.

But you know. Excuses to wear teal, and all that!

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