Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. My therapist wants me to take this test soon to help see what co-morbidities I have going on, if there are any. Does anyone have any experience with this test they’d like to share? Because I don’t personally know anyone who’s taken it. Also, I haven’t had anything else to blog about lately, and I’m bored.

3 thoughts on “MMPI

  1. ocdfighter1 says:

    I took it two years ago, before starting therapy. It’s basically a personality test, it took me 1 hour and a half to reply to the 500-something true/false questions LOL.

    • willitbeok says:

      Yes, from what I can tell it doesn’t necessarily diagnose anything by itself, but sort of helps distinguish parts of your personality and things you want/believe. I looked it up online and I’m worried some of the questions might be hard to answer, because while I may not believe the statement it asserts is “True” per se, I do have a lot of intrusive thoughts about that particular subject; does that make sense?

      • ocdfighter1 says:

        I had a fear of not replying in the right way, or sometimes I even get this thought saying “What if I lied?”. Stupid intrusive thoughts!
        Anyway, my therapist told me it was an initial assessment/diagnosis. I have some OC personality traits and a predisposition to anxiety, among others.

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