OCD and Jury Duty

Are people with OCD exempt from jury duty?

‘Cause it’s pretty hard for me to be satisfied that anything is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

I feel for those people who are the one person who can’t decide when everyone else agrees on something. Man, I totally know how that feels — and it sucks. ‘Cause not only are you stressed out by your own doubt, but everyone else often hates you for it and thinks you’re just being a jerk.

3 thoughts on “OCD and Jury Duty

  1. Very interesting question…………

  2. If I was in that position, I would have to explain explain it to the prosecuting attorney. It may be a bit embarrassing, but I’m sure they would let someone go who would be unable to make a decision based on a biochemical imbalance in the brain.

    • willitbeok says:

      Yeah. Then again, it probably depends on how one’s specific form of OCD manifests, as a fear of germs or contamination might not translate to uncertainty about other things.

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