I Missed Wordless Wednesday

Once upon a time, “Wordless Wednesday” was a thing. Then I started a blog. For a while I had lots of ideas for things to write about, but then I started to run out and posted cartoons for Wordless Wednesday. After a couple weeks of doing this, I realized I might continue the tradition. Until this week — I stopped. The End.

Seriously, I haven’t had much to write about. Writing about OCD, if one is not careful, can become very repetitive and monotonous — because OCD is very repetitive and monotonous. I don’t even realize how much me asking about the same thing over and over can annoy others, because I’m so used to thinking about the same thing over and over that it seems perfectly normal to me. So, I’m trying not to write about the same thing over and over — which admittedly I’ve been doing already, to an extent. I also can’t entirely avoid writing about things I’ve previously mentioned, so I’m trying to find a middle ground.

I’m still happy about seeing lots of positive OCD awareness promotion — images and words abound, more and more, telling us that OCD is not what we’ve previously believed; it’s not just about washing your hands, and it’s not just about being neat or perfectionistic. Lately I’ve struggled with wanting to quarantine parts of my car because I’ve seen ants crawl across a spot near there — so quarantining is the compulsion, and instead of cleaning that area, I don’t want to touch it.

We need to also not be selfish in our awareness promotion. Awareness and activism is important for all disorders and diseases, not just ones we’re affected by personally — but often the more rare the disorder, the more misunderstood and neglected it and its causes can be.

One thought on “I Missed Wordless Wednesday

  1. I agree…since becoming an advocate for OCD awareness, I am much more aware myself of so many other misunderstood illnesses….we all need to try to understand each other. Great post!

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