Videogame OCD

It could mean a lot of different things. For me, it means I have trouble playing videogames I really, really like; just like I have trouble forming/maintaining relationships with people I really, really like because the more I really, really like something the more my OCD makes me really, really afraid.

I keep starting Diablo II/III over because my character’s skill points don’t seem “just right”, although that actually doesn’t so much apply to III because it seems skill points are assigned in more of a linear, always-the-same way (I could be wrong though because I just started playing). Anyway, it’s super hard to find a character to stick with because I’m not sure my game-play experience will be perfect, so I keep starting over — over and over.

The bright sides are:

1) I’m really good at playing Hardcore, where your character can only die once. Hardcore is great for people who excel at being careful, which is totally me. Being Careful is my middle name. Also, if my character dies I always wanted to start over anyway! (Although OCD is more of a “compelled” feeling than a “want-to” feeling, the line is sometimes blurred.)

2) Once I do stick with a character, I tend to develop it really well because I put a lot of thought into it.

The downside is:

I have very few high-level characters to show for my hours upon hours of playing — partly because I also have many old accounts that got deleted over and over, like my characters, because they didn’t seem just right.

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