The Doors

First: I don’t like The Doors.

But you know what else I don’t like? The doors at Wal-Mart. For a long time something about them was bothering me, and I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then yesterday, it hit me. Nevermind the fact I probably shouldn’t be shopping at Wal-Mart at all. The issue I have is that when I’m leaving the store, one pair of doors is labeled “Enter” and the other is labeled “Exit” — but that’s the label above the door. On the door itself underneath “Enter” it reads “DO NOT ENTER” (because one is not supposed to exit through the entrance) and something about this has been disturbing me. The conflict between “Enter” and “DO NOT ENTER.” You know what it is? I shouldn’t even BE ABLE TO READ “Enter” above the door. The fact that I’m able to read it indicates to me that I should go through the door. But I shouldn’t. Why did they even bother to make it so I could read the “Enter” sign from inside? They had to put a sign inside specifically for the purpose of me being able to read it, and if it simply appeared backwards, half-visible from the opposite side, I wouldn’t feel compelled to go through it.

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