OCD Desert

Lately I’ve been in a desert where I have few OCD symptoms, or the ones I have don’t bother me as much as they used to. And I’m grateful for that. Part of me is sad I haven’t had much to write about, but I’m glad that I don’t feel OCD is controlling my life. I feel more aware of the anxiety in my life, and more able to control it; I feel more aware of my own fears and worries, and that helps me cope with them a lot better. I still struggle with others assuming when I express concern that I have been over-worrying, and that’s probably something I’ll struggle with my whole life. Once a worrier, others will tend to naturally assume you are “just worrying too much.” But right now, that’s the worst part — I hope that one day, those close to me will trust when I express concern about something that yes, it is valid, and no, I’m not “just worrying too much.” At the very least, consideration that my concerns¬†might be valid would be appreciated. I know we are all capable of error sometimes, but I would prefer it if the default assumption¬†is no longer “she must just be stressing out over something silly.” I guess I will just have to work to get to that point.